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connect to public Tor network by default
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ACW = anon-connection-wizard

Once there is Whonix-Host there would be two ACW popups. Once on Whonix-Host to configure Tor on the host and yet another one, fully independent in Whonix-Gateway doing the same.


Quote lunar:

My reasoning is that users who need to bridges or configure a proxy are likely to know. Or if they don't know, they will know by trying to a direct connection and see it fails.

This is consistent with research Tor's Usability for Censorship Circumvention.

For users who don't want to connect to Tor public network the advice by Whonix documentation will be:

  • don't enter WiFi password before setting up bridges and/or unplug LAN cable
  • use ACW to disable Tor
  • establish host internet connection
  • test host internet connection
  • start ACW to setup bridges