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Installation and setup of Hardened Debian Linux tutorials
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Hardened Debian is a security focused Distribution. Hardened Debian targets beginner to advanced Linux users and has a particular focus on educating first-time Linux users so they have the necessary skills to stand on their own two feet. Initial docs will focus on installation and set up in VirtualBox with other hypervisor specific instructions to follow.

Initial documentation will consist of an OS / project overview with the following tutorials.

  • Download: VM image and VirtualBox (tutorial)
  • First steps: Setup/configuration inside VirtualBox (tutorial)
  • Learning areas: Mostly basic information to get new users started with Linux
    • Terminal / Cli
    • sudo / root
    • File system hierarchy
    • File system navigation
    • File permissions / ownership
    • Misc ( touch, mkdir, ls, ...)
    • ...
  • Possibly advanced configuration ?

Due to the Debian trademark policy a new name must be found for this OS.




Needs Triage

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Hardened Debian Linux has been added to Google Season of Docs project ideas.