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Mouse cursor rarely works on KVM Whonix WS
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I'm connecting to VM with just virt-viewer (not using virt-manager). There is a bug T872 with similar symptoms, stating that the problem was virtio mouse. I checked xml config - only ps2 mouse is present.
Whonix (fresh install, not an upgrade from previous version)
virt-viewer 7.0
libvirt 5.0.0
qemu 3.1.0
host kernel 4.20.7
Steps to reproduce:
a) Boot Whonix Workstation VM with virsh (virsh start Whonix-Workstation)
b) Connect to VM with virt-viewer. One of the following then happens:

  1. VM's display is completely unresponsive to mouse cursor. Restarting virt-viewer doesn't help at all.
  2. It is possible to click on start menu button then press Esc to hide start menu. Then VM's display becomes completely unresponsive to mouse cursor. Restarting virt-viewer doesn't help at all.
  3. VM's display behaves normally. This happens like 1 time out of 10 VM boots.



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What distro are you using?

Unfortunately if it's a rolling or bleeding edge one, you will occasionally run into problems like this, but on the upside they will be fixed quickly (and replaced with other new problems?)

I can't reproduce this on Debian stable and even if I could I can't do much about it. I recommend you switch to stable for a better experience. There is no tangible benefit of running newer packages at this time. No killer features in testing packages that I would sacrifice stability for.

I recommend you report this to upstream so they can fix it before its part of stable.

I'm using Arch.
All the software versions (libvirt, QEMU, virt-viewer, kernel) are deemed stable upstream (by their respective developers, not by Debian folks).

I reopened this because KVM page ( explicitly mentions Arch as a host OS.
If someone here is using Arch as well, maybe you guys can reproduce this after all. Also see my previous comment.

Patrick triaged this task as Normal priority.Apr 6 2019, 6:22 PM
Patrick changed Impact from Needs Triage to Normal.

Whonix 15 has since come out. Has this been resolved? Not reproducible on Debian Buster either.