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qvm-service infrastructure does not work with whonix-gw-14 template
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If you disable a qvm-service (example: qubes-updates-proxy) for sys-whonix VM
the file
is created nonetheless (not expected) and as a result of that, the systemd service qubes-updates-proxy.service is enabled (because above file exists).

This means that the Qubes methodology to enable/disable service appears broken for whonix-gw-14 based AppVMs.

dom0: "qvm-service sys-whonix" output:
qubes-updates-proxy off



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nusenu created this task.Mon, Nov 26, 11:33 PM
nusenu triaged this task as Normal priority.

Does this also happen in Qubes Debian based VMs?

the default debian-9 template is not affected (it works as expected in that template)

Patrick lowered the priority of this task from Normal to Wishlist.Sun, Dec 9, 5:52 AM