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Remove Ricochet from Whonix
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Ricochet is a dead project , and its produces multiple problems:

  • The application is dead , no further updates
  • It uses Tor 2.x while stable Tor is 3.x
  • Tor 3.x fixes hidden services issues which Tor 2.x was having , since Ricochet depending on the Hidden services then this is a problem to the privacy
  • Ricochet has the lacks of alot of things like sharing files,voip,voice messages ...etc
  • Last anybody made any changed to the software was before at least a Year ago
  • no body using it then no further testing then more 0 day at high possibility

Re-installing it once it will be uploaded to Debian official repos with new and working version. having it by default is worthless,meaningless...



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There is nothing dead about it. I jsut explained this on the forum. It is perfectly workable and openprivacy is owrking on creating a P2P asynchronous chat solution over its protocol.

We can include it from stable-backports and it will work.