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Fixing old links
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I found these links and they need just trivial fixes:

"Whonix blog has moved to:"

change the URL to

also its better to disable "leave a comment" if the comments doesnt reach to you.

the correct URL to current hidden services:


i dunno if these websites still under your control.



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TNTBOMBOM created this task. already redirects to

requested deletion of - but little point - zero visitors since 2014 - the only two visitors recently was probably you and me. It's contents were migrated to Whonix blog and therefore now also to Whonix news forum. Nothing lost. (And it's still available in for history reasons.) can't be edited anymore. Looks like Tor Project disabled editing for non-admins or something. Who still goes to the page, and then at the same time follows an old onion link, and can't be bothered to use clearnet link or search engines.... Unlikely.

Wouldn't bother Tor Project with this. Since last edit and rename of TorBOX was 5 years ago. Actually the risk is higher of getting the old page deleted without replacement. The history there - - nice to have for historic reasons.