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Why? Keep? Qubes-Whonix /sbin/ethtool -K ${INTERFACE} sg off | /sbin/ethtool -K ${INTERFACE} tx off
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Why does qubes-whonix use

/sbin/ethtool -K ${INTERFACE} sg off || true
/sbin/ethtool -K ${INTERFACE} tx off || true


Why is that? (Was introduced by nrgaway.)

Used in Qubes generally.

Should we keep that?

//cc @marmarek



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Patrick triaged this task as Normal priority.Sep 20 2018, 9:47 AM
Patrick created this task.

It was copied from native setup_ip script, details here:
It definitely was relevant for old stubdomain hosting qemu (which is still possible to use in R4.0). Not sure if applies to new linux-based stubdomain.
It may be not needed anymore. To verify that, try removing those lines and check networking in Windows (or other OS without Xen PV drivers).