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create Whonix project accounts
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maybe later:



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Patrick triaged this task as Normal priority.Sep 13 2018, 2:09 PM
Patrick created this task.

needs 1-2 weeks for account approval

needs ethereum wallet setup which we dont have. mobile number for tokens ( you need to login there and check them out).

check your email for username/passwords.

in order to sign-up with it , it needs an account either in FB or Google which i dont have access to both.

TNTBOMBOM changed the task status from Open to Review.Sep 16 2018, 1:51 PM
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@TNTBOMBOM I added a few more sites in a second paragraph first ticket. Please create the accounts when you have time.


Thank you for the good touch:

take a look at what we have from social media atm:

its not really a tester person like me would do any good there , it fits for programs only.

GNU Social (federated service. Each server has independent content policy)

although i really liked to be there , but it was just a mess of either inactivity + news spammers... it wasnt really well presented to fit anything there.

so let us give them sometime , until they fix that.

GNU-Social i had an account in it:

@Patrick feel free to close.

We now have all of these for a while now:

These are listed here:

Good enough for now.

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