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open-link-confirmation support for Gnome
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open-link-confirmation doesn't work in Gnome yet?


  • Find answer to above question.
  • Figure out Gnome's default browser mechanism.
  • Patch open-link-confirmation to support gnome.



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Can this question be answered by installing Gnome-shell and seeing what happens?

dconf-editor provides a GUI for the browsing and editing of settings. It presents the hierarchy of settings in a tree-view and also displays additional information about each setting, including the description, type and default value. gsettings can be used to display and set dconf values. It also includes Bash completion for commands and settings. gsettings can be used to automate configuration in shell scripts.

HulaHoop (HulaHoop):

Can this question be answered by installing Gnome-shell and seeing what happens?


I installed gnome-shell alongside kde and its badly broken that it won't login/start. Setting gdm3 as the default display server makes the system hang up at boot indefintiely.

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This can be closed now since we are on KDE? Same with T9

Should still be implemented to complete the package and to some day
better support other desktop environments.