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Windows(8) Install: Tor not fully bootstrapped - tor control port unreachable.
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Virtualbox updated successfully.

Whonix GW & WS not updateable, tor error.

In Konsole
sudo apt-get update
something wicked happened resolving '' (-4- Non-recoverable failure in name resolution)
Err Indexes fail to download.

Installed just fine under Windows 7.

Any assistance welcome.



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Happening since VirtualBox upgrade only and before it worked for you?

Downloaded Whonix version?

Run whonixcheck.


Happening before and after VirtualBox upgarde.
Happens regardless of installation order.
Happens also after re-installing GW & WS individually.

Whonixcheck reports Tor's Contol Port could not be reached
Error code 255
& Err 113 Socket error No route to host.

Whonix Gateway & Workstation :

Which message is from Whonix-Gateway whonixcheck?

Both errors are reported by Whonix-Gateway whonixcheck?

Same errors if run from Konsole or Graphical link in window.

Did Whonix work for you previously or are you a first time user?

On under `3.Import Whonix into
VirtualBox` under `For Whonix VirtualBox import instructions, please
press on expand on the right. please press the expand` button for
detailed Whonix installation instructions.

It worked just fine in Win 7 install

What made it stop working? The VirtualBox update?

No, it's a fresh install in Win 8.

Can you try please if any other virtual machines, ones you created yourself or from a different vendor (not Whonix) have working internet?

Yes, they have working internet.

Also various tor applications have working internet.

Torbrowser outside of Whonix run from disk or USB also working fine.

Did you verify the Whonix images?

Where any changes made to Virtualbox or Whonix VMs?

Could you please try using the toubleshooting guide. You have already completed some of the steps.

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User disappeared. Closing.