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Have 'Obey DRM limitations' in Okular unticked by default
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As discussed in the forums, in Okular, the current default PDF reader in Whonix, there is a privacy and anonymity risk in PDF files which contain 'DRM' which may track the user in Whonix through such code.

Can we have ‘Obey DRM limitations’ unticked by default in Whonix to help mitigate this risk?


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Interesting backstory about this anti-feature in Debian. Nonetheless I've found a solution.

This is done by changing the following file:




[Core General]

HulaHoop (HulaHoop):


Ought to avoid writing into the home folder.

Adding that file into this folder might do the trick.

Please send a pull request.

Then we might still get this into Whonix 14. (Or Whonix 15.)

HulaHoop claimed this task.