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Disable VLC metadata collection by default
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Dec 21 2017, 4:54 PM
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Dec 21 2017, 4:54 PM


This is for user safety , to avoid pressing on continue and he wasn't aware of what it does say.

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  • /etc/vlc.d configuration snippet drop-in feature request
  • Meanwhile should be implemented minimal VLC config preconfiguring this in anon-apps-config /etc/skel.



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Withc VLC a config file is created per user and there is no global configuration.
The path is $HOME/.config/vlc/vlcrc.

As far as I understand, the content of /etc/skel/ is magically being copied in the user directory.
So I modified the architecture as follow :

|-- skel
|   `-- .config
|       `-- vlc
|           `-- vlcrc

I tested it, and it works, what do you think ?
Should I fork the anon-apps-config repo on github, and make a pull request ?

Looks good!

Should I fork the anon-apps-config repo on github,


and make a pull request ?

  • Pull request is one accepted way.
  • Another accepted way is just posting to any branch and posting the branch name here.
  • Currently it's even accepted to to commit to you fork's master branch and then I'll merge that as well. (However, in case we'd ever reach a dead-end you'd have to reset your master branch.)
  • Other suggestions?

Please pick the most comfortable one.

I'm fine a with a pull request !
Do you have other tasks for me ?

I have just a simple question, how do you know if somebody is not already working on a task ?

In T736#15889, @Tibo wrote:

I have just a simple question, how do you know if somebody is not already working on a task ?

If it is assigned to someone on phabricator like now. (Or by the context of the discussion but we should assign tasks.)

In T736#15889, @Tibo wrote:

Do you have other tasks for me ?

Easy, testing only:

Easy, testing only:

Qubes specific, testing should be easy but if it's broken maybe not easy to fix:


By name only means "do not ask".

Stop VLC.
Delete VLC config.
Start with your config.

Does the metadata collection show up as disabled in VLC settings?

If yes, this is ready to merge. Even easy enough for Whonix 14.

Answering the meta questions here for me was not so clever this it created these references. Not a big deal either. However, better to have a development forum thread.

Mentioned Here

T772: Managing programs without Tor DNS Support
T444: Ricochet IM
T652: anon-gpg-tweaks Debian stretch changes required
T781: tb-updater do not populate home directory at first boot?

Hi !

The name is confusing I agree.
But it actually does disallow metadata network access.

No pop-up asking for allowing metadataThe pop-up is showing and asking for metadata collection
Correctly disable in VLC settingsEither have to check it or not (If you close the popup it also disallow metadata collection)
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