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Include Kscreen
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Kscreen allows DPI scaling and other basic desktop features of Plasma 5. We currently don't include it, but I think this is a usability and accessibility mistake. Is there any particular security reason why it's better to not have it installed by default (leaving users confused or searching the wiki/forums about how to scale their desktop)?



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Patrick triaged this task as Normal priority.Jul 6 2017, 2:37 PM
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Is there an easy way to compare default plasma 5 packages with the ones we're including?

No easy one. Only a hard one.

  • Install Debian with KDE (one time as minimal as possible, one time not).
  • Create Whonix as minimal as possible (only installing the related

Whonix KDE packages.)

  • dpkg -l in both.
  • Use a diff viewer to compare those files.

Maybe not that hard. But rather time intense.

That work was already done by me. That package slipped through. Whatever
else is missing should be figured out by $someone figuring out
$something like you did.

JasonJAyalaP claimed this task.

I added kscreen to that list:

I found a (limited) list of related packages:

But I agree that we should add things as-needed when we/people mention needing them.