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[Discuss] 128MB ram gateway no longer works. 256 new minimum?
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I just ran a fresh copy of gateway 14 with 128 ram in console mode (which is suggested by the ova warning for systems under 2GB). There were memory errors and crashes during the first whonixcheck. Works with 256MB.

Do we need to go through the warnings/docs/wiki etc and make 256MB the minimum?


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I just noticed that the bootup message for gateway says "196 MB".

IIRC Whonixcheck will be optional in Whonix 14. Do you know what processes take the extra ram and trigger an OOM?

It was during sdwdate checking for time, so I think it's necessary. I didn't grab a screenshot. I can double check, but even if optional, whonixcheck should run on any supported config.

Are any users left out if we support no lower than 256 memory? I can't imagine investing the time optimizing/rewriting whonixcheck/sdwdate for people who want < 256. Hmm, unless we're talking about hardware isolation on... what modern device? RasPi 3 has 1 GB, for example.

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There is no traction for physical isolation at this point. Let's not optimize at this point.

Please search the wiki for 192, 196, 128 and update to 256. Please do the same with Whonix's source code.