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Supress VB error messages.
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Upon boot of the OVAs, VB starts spamming messages about how it can't capture mouse (because you're in the terminal) then how you can capture mouse (cuz the gui booted). There are other messages about fullscreen, etc. If you hit X, it appears next boot. If you hit the strangle /bubble icon, it's permanent (I just found that out).

New users are already being bombared by confusing but important messages. These low-importance VB warnings do more harm than good.

I found this forum post:

Use the VBoxManage command line to add extra information to the global xml file of the user. 
You should be able to use the internalcommands setextradata parameter for this. 

This is what I see in my xml file:
<ExtraDataItem name="GUI/SuppressMessages" value="remindAboutAutoCapture,remindAboutMouseIntegrationOn,showRuntimeError.warning.HostAudioNotResponding,remindAboutGoingSeamless,remindAboutInputCapture,remindAboutGoingFullscreen,remindAboutMouseIntegrationOff,confirmGoingSeamless,confirmInputCapture,remindAboutPausedVMInput,confirmVMReset,confirmGoingFullscreen,remindAboutWrongColorDepth"/>

Patrick: Is there an XML file during the boot process that I can put this in? After it's generated? Or do we run the command line tool via bash?