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Consider including uBlock Origin
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uBlock origin is a blocker/filter that is highly respected and greatly improves bandwidth, security, and privacy. I install it right away, even in TBB.

It is possible to install uBlock origin system-wide via apt-get

But tbb doesn't normally pick up system-wide addons.

Addons do not (directly) add to fingerprint (firefox does not reveal the count or existance of any addons).

If we find a way to make tbb detect system-wide addons, we'd be taking a stronger stance against ads/malware/malicious servers than the TPO. I'm comfortable with that and consider it an important help to our users.

Status -> Researching how to get TBB to detect system-wide addons



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According to a comment on my stackexchange comment, Tails is already doing this via TBB hacks!

Can anyone confirm this? Doesn't their TBB break upon update? Shall we ask tails for the patches?

This is only helpful for non-anonymous browsers. It harms anonymity if you intend to include it with Tor Browser

Tails' decision shows their focus on privacy rather than real anonymity

By what measure does it harm anonymity?

At the end of section "No filters":

"Users are free to install these addons if they wish, but doing so is not recommended, as it will alter the browser request fingerprint. "

You will at the very least reduce your anonymity set from Tor Browser users to Tor Browser users who installed adblocker/uBlock Origin

Depending on the uniqueness of your filter selection, your traffic pattern could become completely unique to be easily trackable

From the same section:

"Worse still, the unique filter sets that each user creates or installs will provide a wealth of fingerprinting targets. "

Some people on internet suggest that looking like a Tails user you can still keep a reasonable anonymity set but I disagree

Compare Tails' 21698 boots a day on average with 2.5 million daily Tor users. Less than 1%

Patrick claimed this task.