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Warning messages of whonix setup in German
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On first boot, the "i understand" warning messages are in German and English. However, one of the warnings is "Whonix is English. An excellenet command of the English language is necessary". Writing that in German too (or any other language) is a mixed message, no?



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ENG. Whonix is in English. Do not use Whonix without excellent knowledge of the English language. Misunderstandings have consequences.

Translation is:

GER. Ohne exzellentes Verstaendnis der Englischen Sprache wird davon abgeraten Whonix zu benutzen, weil Uebersetzngen nur zum Teil verfuegbar sind und Missverstaendnisse Konsequenzen haben koennen.

Re-translated to ENG: WIthout excellent understanding of the English language it is recommended against to use Whonix, because translations are only partially available and because misunderstandings can have consequences.

Translation is correct. Translation is already within the source file.

Does that translation not show?

I don't understand your question.

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The "mixed message" is: "You should know English, but maybe we'll help you in your native language. At least for now. Maybe not later."

Or should we provide a multi-language warning that says "You need to know English"? In that case, German would be just one of many translations we could provide.

English: You must know English. Security is hard.
Español: Hay que saber Ingles. La seguridad es difícil.
Deutch: Ach! Mein leben!
Italiano: Ha bisogno di conoscere...

No, because justification is unfortunately still tied to Germany, explaining the disclaimer in German layman's terms in detail is my best guess on how to make it legally effective.