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Activating Lockdown
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Consider activating "Lockdown" a mainlined patch that does some hardening measures that including some grsec formerly did. Package currently available only in Sid.

What it does:

  • disables loading/removing kernel modules after boot
  • disables live kernel patching (kexec)
  • disables Berkeley packet filter (BPF)

    (*) No unsigned modules and no modules for which can’t validate the signature.

    (*) No use of ioperm(), iopl() and no writing to /dev/port.

    (*) No writing to /dev/mem or /dev/kmem.

    (*) No hibernation.

    (*) Restrict PCI BAR access.

    (*) Restrict MSR access.

    (*) No kexec_load().

    (*) Certain ACPI restrictions.

    (*) Restrict debugfs interface to ASUS WMI.

While idsabling modules might interfere with non buil-in devices, they can be whitelisted on demand or an extended timeout specified so the needed components are loaded during boot.



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