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port whonix-setup-wizard to python3
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Now that python-guimessages was ported to python3, also needs to be ported since it is currently broken due to python-guimessages changes.



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Patrick created this task.Feb 9 2017, 7:08 PM

Wanted to do all changes in one commit, somehow while doing git add some files were left.

Tested using [After taking the latest files from and]

sudo python3 whonix-setup-wizard -h
sudo python3 whonix-setup-wizard setup
sudo python3 whonix-setup-wizard quick
sudo python3 whonix-setup-wizard repository
sudo python3 whonix-setup-wizard locale_settings

sudo python3 -h
sudo python3 setup
sudo python3 quick
sudo python3 repository
sudo python3 locale_settings

python3 whonix-setup-wizard-repository
python3 whonixsetup_check_for_start
python3 whonix-setup-wizard-setup
Patrick closed this task as Resolved.Feb 10 2017, 4:13 PM
Patrick assigned this task to joysn1980.

Great work! Merged and added some packaging / python3 related fixes on top.