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whonixcheck --clearnet connectivity test
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To debug connectivity issues for users claiming to live in uncensored areas a --clearnet switch might be helpful for whonixcheck.

It would only run on Whonix-Gateway and be run under user clearnet.

Obviously won't ever auto run on regular invocations of whonicheck.

Might be fingerprintable. Users running that command might be revealed as Whonix users. Unless we find a test method that does not reveal one being a Whonix user. Perhaps wget

If we want to be extra paranoid to prevent accidental execution (bugs - unlikely) could be a module that needs to be manually copied into /usr/lib/whonixcheck before it can be used.

Can still discuss if this is a good idea at all.



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Patrick renamed this task from whonixcheck --clearnet test to whonixcheck --clearnet connectivity test.Dec 25 2016, 4:37 AM