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Move Whonix's APT repository and Whonix News to
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The upload scripts are ready. They upload to both sourceforge and now.


  • whonix-repository: Wondering if it should just switch from sourceforge to, have a command line option to choose and/or separate screen.
  • whonixcheck Whonix News Download location: Wondering if it should just switch from sourceforge to or try sourceforge as fallback if connection to fails.


  • refactoring, "made baseuri configurable through WHONIX_APT_REPOSITORY_BASEURI environment and /etc/whonix.d configuration variable":

  • moved Whonix APT Repository default baseuri from to

  • made baseuri (WHONIX_APT_REPOSITORY_BASEURI) configurable through --baseuri command line parameter:

  • add WHONIX_APT_REPOSITORY_BASEURI to auto generated configuration file: