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abolish /usr/share/X11/xorg.conf.d/50-qxl.conf by having X11 auto detection fixed - X11 bug report
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Why is that even required? Should not X11 auto detect that?


  • report a bug against X11



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There are many bug reports about this problem:

A Debian bug report filed against xserver-xorg-video-qxl package also mentions a thread on our forum.[1] The problem is acknowledged and fixed upstream because it was also experienced in fedora.[2] The changelog for the Ubuntu release lists a fix for disabling surfaces included in (Debian) 0.1.4.[3]

  • Resync on Debian, grabbing new upstream release 0.1.4 (LP: #1474154).
  • Take some patches from Fedora. + debian/patches/qxl-kms-disable-composite.patch: Fix graphical glitches by disabling COMPOSITE extension. (LP: #1261916) + debian/patches/no-surfaces-kms.patch: Should fix crashes.

The current stable version is 0.1.1. Debian Testing has 0.1.4 that includes the fix.[4]





Yet another example of why Stable is a PITA. Non security bugs can afflict users for years at a time because package versions are ossified. Yay Stable! :P

Awesome write-up. Can you please reference this ticket from the relevant places (package description, documentation, forum, w/e) so no one will again wonder (and create a ticket :)? Then this can be considered very much done.

Linked relevant topics. Feel free to close this ticket unless there is something else.