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Qubes-Whonix-Workstation DispVM Support
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TODO abstract:

Make sure Qubes-Whonix-Workstation can be used as DispVM.

TODO specific:

whonixcheck is already working in a Qubes-Whonix-Workstation DispVM in the Whonix 13 development version. Apparently the Qubes upstream issue home folder of template not inherited by DispVM is the only thing preventing this.


Thanks to the help of @marmarek two issues preventing this were already fixed.


  • no longer write to home folder directly; use /etc/skel:T419
  • up to date versions of Tor Browsers in newly created AppVMs inherited from updated TemplateVMs: T417

user documentation stub:



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separate done file for Qubes TemplateVMs to make this work with the
current home folder population for Qubes DispVMs.

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Qubes-Whonix-Workstation DispVM Support is done on Whonix VM level, but not on Qubes dom0 level.

echo konsole | /usr/lib/qubes/qfile-daemon-dvm qubes.VMShell dom0 DEFAULT red and then running whonixcheck or torbrowser works.

Qubes bug qvm-open-in-vm opens URLs in non-default browser is an issue, because links are opened in iceweasel rather than Tor Browser.

Not having Whonix default VM settings fixes - salt management (3) is an even more serious issue.

The above is not something I can solve for Whonix 13. Therefore removing Whonix 13 milestone.

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Looks like nothing more to do here.