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make Qubes-Whonix-Gateway able to function as UpdateVM out of the box with dnf
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dnf has not landed in Debian yet. This ticket may have to wait until Debian version 9 codename Stretch.

Just an uwt wrapper is missing, but it's difficult to add one as of now without knowing the path to dnf.

Alternatively, and better, we would we would configure dnf to use Tor socks proxy settings. This is supported by dnf since version 1.1.6. (source 1 source 2) Not great since dnf does not support /etc/dnf.conf.d yet. [1]

(Similar to T401.)

[1] upstream feature request: implement /etc/dnf.conf.d drop-in configuration folder




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I don't think dnf is needed for UpdateVM. Dom0 is still based on Fedora
20, and even if it wasn't, you can simply use yum to download the
packages - RPMs are the same, repository metadata too. Is there any
particular problem? Or just following new versions?

Only motivation: making sure it does not break in future. Just following
new versions and new (potential) Qubes developments.

I had the assumption, that in future qubes-dom0-update migth replace yum
with dnf. If that was the case, I would want to not break UpdateVM
functionality. But if this isn't the case, then the priority for this
ticket is very low.