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rework / reduce installed packages in Qubes-Whonix
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There are probably a few packages, that are useful or even required for a Non-Qubes-Whonix desktop, but that are unneeded in Qubes-Whonix. For example:

  • plasma-widget-folderview (user doesn't get to see the desktop, unless in rare cases such as using VNC)
  • kde-kdm-autologin (Qubes already handles this)
  • ...

latest anon-meta-packages debian/control file:

snapshot at time of writing of anon-meta-packages debian/control file:

reasoning why package X is installed:

Technical background on Recommends: vs Depends::


  • 1) make a list of packages that are unneeded in Qubes-Whonix
  • 2) refactor the anon-meta-packages package to apply these changes



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split anon-shared-desktop-kde package

into anon-shared-desktop-kde and anon-shared-applications-kde

 split whonix-(gateway|workstation) packages

- qubes-whonix-(gateway|workstation)
- non-qubes-whonix-(gateway|workstation)

The Qubes-Whonix version does not depend on the anon-shared-desktop package,
while the Non-Qubes-Whonix package does. This is to spare Qubes-Whonix users
from installing packages that are only required to set up a desktop environment
for Non-Qubes-Whonix users. (Qubes dom0 hosts these packages such as kdm etc.)

Removed polkit-kde-1 as dependency from anon-shared-desktop-kde and added it to anon-shared-applications-kde.

polkit-kde-1 is important as long as Whonix is kde-ish, uses kdesudo, otherwise
leads to issues with kdesudo authentication.

This is required for a clean separation so the anon-shared-desktop-kde package
is no longer required to be installed by default on Qubes.

removed anon-shared-desktop-kde from whonix-[gateway|workstation]-shared-packages-shared-meta

so it no longer gets installed by default in Qubes-Whonix.
And readded it to non-qubes-whonix-[gateway|workstation].

This results in no longer installing kde-workspace, kdm,
plasma-widget-folderview, kde-baseapps-bin in Qubes by default.

If someone else wants to think this through also...

apt-cache show kde-baseapps-bin

Probably alright.

apt-cache show kde-workspace

Mostly note able, we won't be having installed by default anymore...

  • phonon
  • klipper (clipboard manager)
  • ksysguard (process monitor)
  • KDE systemsettings

If any of these should be re-added...

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Mostly note able, we won't be having installed by default anymore...

- phonon
- klipper (clipboard manager)
- ksysguard (process monitor)
- KDE systemsettings

Looks ok on Qubes, even without moving away from KDE (maybe
systemsettings would be useful on KDE-based Qubes).

ksysguard gets still [already] installed by anon-shared-applications-kde.

added systemsettings to anon-shared-applications-kde:

We can also revisit what applications to be installed by default once Whonix default applications are migrated to being gnome-ish. (T467 / gnome )

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