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check if whonix-gw ProxyVM (sys-whonix)'s NetVM is set to 'none'
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Is it possible to check from within sys-whonix to check if its NetVM is set to none using qubesdb-read (or similar)?

Or should just /sbin/ifconfig eth0 be used?



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  • If a NetVM is set, qubesdb-read /qubes-gateway works.
  • If NetVM is set to none, qubesdb-read /qubes-gateway fails.

Is this a sane way to test for it?

I think better would be checking qubesdb-read /qubes-ip. Also checking
eth0 existence should be fine (but only existence, not its configuration

  • as the interface may simply not be yet configured).
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improved Qubes settings checks; show a warning if NetVM is set to none:

gateway test: succeeded
workstation test: todo

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workstation test: succeeded