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rerunning 'make get-sources' breaks Qubes Builder
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When rerunning make get-sources, it breaks for the Whonix folder (

--> Downloading additional sources for Whonix...
+ make --quiet -C qubes-src/Whonix get-sources

I could implement a dummy in makefile-generic-packages (genmkfile). Easy.

Do you think there is a more appropriate solution? And anything else that should be implemented?

(There already is an empty Makefile.builder [].)



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qubes builder check if get-sources and verify-sources targets exist
(with make -n get-sources verify-sources), so if genmkfile creates a
wildcard one, it needs to be somehow handled. I think creating empty
(true) get-sources and verify-sources targets is ok. Or maybe you
have some better idea?