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Switch Debian links in sources.list to .onion
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Jacob is working with Debian to run their repositories as .onion

Once they're up and running I recommend switching Whonix to using them.

Whonix's own repos should follow their lead depending on the resources you can invest in running a .onion on the infrastructure.



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Trial in progress. Debian planning domain wide .onion roll out:

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Related issue recently raised on Qubes tracker:
high-level target: templates should default update over Tor

create a Tor hidden service for [ .onion apt-get ]:

I was thinking about changing the main repo URLs to the optimized one but is it worth it when changing to .onion is better?

"Note the use of in order to pick a mirror near to whichever Tor exit node. Throughput is surprisingly good."

Related files:

As per Tails... is not a great idea. Source:

Btw changing these to onion not trivial. Requires Tor access during build.

Btw changing these to onion not trivial. Requires Tor access during build.

FWIW for Qubes templates (release builds) it isn't a problem - I always build them in DispVM behind Tor.
But it may be a problem for devel builds and it may slow them down...

Once we stop using (T472), implementing this ticket gets more attractive. (since they do not yet host a .onion for (And we would need to get our onion for back up. (T494))

That day has finally come. Both Tor and Debian have onion repos;

IMHO restoring Whonix onion repos should be part of this to achieve complete protection.

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