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uwt: set TORSOCKS_ISOLATE_PID in Debian Stretch?
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There isn't a lot information on TORSOCKS_ISOLATE_PID yet. Will be introduced in the torsocks version which is now in Debian version 9 codename Stretch.


  • IsolatePID is a new option that will make torsocks set the SOCKS5 username and password automatically to provide isolation on Tor side.

    You can use this with the -i,--isolate command added or TORSOCKS_ISOLATE_PID env. variable.

It could help to get rid of the whole uwt temporary file creation hack.



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It could help to get rid of the whole uwt temporary file creation hack.


More information:


Set the username and password for the SOCKS5 authentication method to a PID/current time based value automatically. Username and Password MUST NOT be set.

*Change IsolatePID password from 42 to 0

*Add automatic per process isolation (IsolatePID)

AFAICT this will be default behavior since we don't set passwords for Tor SOCKS. It will isolate circuits based on different PIDs it detects automatically.

Not enabled by default.

Debian version 9 codename Stretch /etc/tor/torsocks.conf

# Set Torsocks to use an automatically generated SOCKS5 username/password based
# on the process ID and current time, that makes the connections to Tor use a
# different circuit from other existing streams in Tor on a per-process basis.
# If set, the SOCKS5Username and SOCKS5Password options must not be set.
# (Default: 0)
#IsolatePID 1
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