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disable hwclock-save.service
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Quote Tails issue tracker:

systemd (215-13)'s debian/changelog entry says:

Add hwclock-save.service to sync the system clock to the hardware clock on shutdown, to provide monotonic time for reboots. (Note: this is a hack for jessie; the next Debian release will enable timesyncd by default). (Closes: #755722)

We need to disable that, as per our design goal to avoid leaving traces on the hardware being used, as much as possible.

For more information, see (And interestingly, there we learn that under sysvinit (Wheezy), util-linux's is supposed to "overwrite the RTC with the system clock partway through the shutdown", so that's not exactly a regression against Tails/Wheezy, but rather a problem we already had. Will file a dedicated ticket about it.)



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