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remove unnecessary 'systemctl restart' call from qubes-whonix package
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From ... The following can be removed.

# Will not be restarted in chroot which is what is expected
systemctl restart qubes-whonix-network.service
systemctl restart qubes-whonix-firewall.service

Because debhelper does the right thing. (Using deb-systemd-invoke (Which is a pretty small, simple looking script, effectively without comments just ~40 lines of perl code, used by whole Debian.) Adds the following code to the postinst.

# Automatically added by dh_systemd_start
if [ -d /run/systemd/system ]; then
	systemctl --system daemon-reload >/dev/null || true
	deb-systemd-invoke start qubes-whonix-network.service qubes-whonix-firewall.service >/dev/null || true
# End automatically added section

This also fixes a lintian warning (W: qubes-whonix: maintainer-script-calls-systemctl). (T186)



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