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disable torsocks warning spam
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We make heavy use of torsocks in Whonix. For example, apt-get is run through torsocks for better stream isolation.

This generated loads of, hundreds of these kinds of messages.

[May 20 11:45:27] WARNING torsocks[2645]: [syscall] Unsupported syscall number 224. Denying the call (in tsocks_syscall() at syscall.c:165)

As per David Goulet's (torsocks maintainer) answer, we can disable them. Fortunately.


Do we want to set TORSOCKS_LOG_LEVEL=1 by,

  • a) uwt for all invocations of uwt -> torsocks -> apt-get, gpg, etc. or
  • b) uwt globally for the whole system or
  • c) whonix-base-files globally for the whole system or
  • d) anon-base-files globally for the whole system or
  • e) elsewhere or
  • f) something else?

Disabling these messages globally is not the greatest solution, but would certainly save lots of bug reports we can do nothing about anyhow.



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disable torsocks warning spam -

Warning spam still happens, because environment variable is not kept when using sudo.

sudo apt-get install --reinstall udev

Does not contain warning spam, since keeping environment (-E). Very few users do that.

sudo -E apt-get install --reinstall udev



Defaults:ALL env_keep += "TORSOCKS_LOG_LEVEL"
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disable torsocks warning spam, also set 'export TORSOCKS_LOG_LEVEL=1' in /usr/bin/uwt -

disable torsocks warning spam, set 'Defaults:ALL env_keep += "TORSOCKS_LOG_LEVEL"' in '/etc/sudoers.d/uwt' -

Fixed in Whonix