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rads skip mechanism
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rads is of no use for Qubes. The systemd unit currently does not get started there.

Its systemd unit is currently using

ConditionPathExists = !/usr/lib/qubes-whonix

This isn't a great agnostic solution.

Also /usr/lib/ram_adjusted_desktop_starter/display-manager-dpkg-post-invoke should not be run on Qubes.



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Added another commit to the pull request.

skip rads systemd service on qubes -

systemd unit: removed non-agnostic 'ConditionPathExists = !/usr/lib/qubes-whonix', this will be implemented in the qubes-whonix package -

I have already reviewed your PRs and there is nothing I can see to prevent build errors and I have also merged them into a test branch I am using for building this weekend. Will merge into master once everything confirmed working.

Will this cause a problem if included in Whonix10 branch since the codebase is still currently the same. If it will cause an issue I will only merge it into Whonix11 branch for now and not 10

Yes. This is supposed for Whonix >= 11 only. (Hence, only using 'Whonix 11' tag, not 'Whonix 10' tag.)