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Only source configuration files that end with the `.conf` extension?
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In T275#4134, @nrgaway wrote:

XXX: @Patrick, do your scripts ignore backed up files in directories such as /etc/whonix_firewall.d.... If not, maybe consider using a standard extension of .conf and only include those?

Files that end with ~ are ignored (backup files by many editors). Files that end with .dpkg-* are ignored (file names used by dpkg conflict resolution). So you could rename these files for example to .dpkg-nouse.

Do we want to rename all the config files to include a .conf extension and then only source those? Any opinions?

Existing documentation:

The config folder sourceing code for whonix-gw-firewall be viewed here:

Others for whonixcheck etc. look similar.



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Since T503 is not yet implemented, Whonix 12 -> Whonix 13 are currently broken because of uwt. whonix-repository and tb-updater fails closed because the moment it uses gpg, /etc/uwt.d/30_uwt_default.conf does not exist, which results in "gpg" (actually uwt) failing. The solution I will be attempting is to make uwt also work with built-in defaults (part of T503).

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