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explain Whonix Build Version
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It causes some confusion every now and then why it never changes.

There should be a link in whonixcheck for "Whonix Build Version".

Short technical explanation:

  • at build time, the package does in essence
  • echo "$anon_dist_build_version" > "/var/lib/anon-dist/build_version"
  • it's there so whonixcheck can find out which version of the build script has created that version
  • that version number is supposed to never change
    • this is because sometimes updating or other issues do only apply to version created by specific, mostly older versions of the build script
    • this helps with diagnostic purposes
    • therefore, should we ever need to deprecate a specific build version (because it would be too difficult/expensive to upgrade), then whonixcheck's Whonix News ( could inform about this