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Finish initial release of Whonix Welcome Page
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Need to finish any final touches for initial release of the Whonix Welcome Page.

To release with Whonix 10.

Simple static only webpage for initial release.

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How much work is that?

Any ETA?


Shouldn't take very much at all.

When do you need it done by?

I will adjust this priority to your expected release date needs for
signing the final initial package version.

Good question. I don't really know for sure.

Is this change important enough to be included in Whonix 10 stable release? Currently I am preparing a testers-only release of

Every additional testers-only release generates a lot work on my side.

  • painfully merge git submodules into the Whonix 10 branch
  • tag the updated package
  • tag a new release
  • build, test new images
  • compress images which feels like taking hours
  • upload new images which takes hours
  • update Whonix News files with new blessed version numbers
  • update APT repository
  • write a blog post, call for another round of testing
  • and make sure, I don't mess up anything along that way

Also depends on how many issues are reported against If another testers-only round is required, then the effort is better justified.

If Whonix 11 is early enough, than any time before Whonix 11 would work.

Otherwise I guess one or two weeks for giving users time to test before proceeding further, so I can merge it before then, before the next testers-only release [that may be blessed stable after testing].

I'm all finished now. Didn't require much at all.

Uploaded here:

I just removed the excess unused JavaScript stuff and added the
licensing comments.

These changes are not critical to me. You can include it to whatever
version you please, now, later, whenever. I don't mind.

Patrick closed this task as Resolved.Apr 9 2015, 6:59 PM

Thanks! Merged. Suffices for Whonix 11.