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Architecture: "any" vs "all", i386, platforms support
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Unless there are any objections, I think we should change in debian/control from.

Architecture: any

That would create a file qubes-whonix_9.7-1_i386.deb. To...

Architecture: all

That creates a file qubes-whonix_9.7-1_all.deb.


  • It's not i386 dependent.
  • If anything, surely it's not i386?
  • It's not dependent on any platform.
  • We like to add a all package to the repository. (T182)
  • Causes issues with makefile-generic-packages that currently hardcodes all. (Maybe that's a bug that should be fixed for Whonix 11 ?)
  • High priority, because it currently breaks Whonix's build script.

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I will test it out here but do not see any issues with it at the moment

I changed Architecture in the control file to all (Git commit message is mis-labelled; says I changed it from all to any when I really changed it from any to all :)

You are correct as the files are building and create a file similar to qubes-whonix_9.7-1_all.deb. I actually believe though that the former any may be more correct if there are any packages that may be hardware dependant since in that case builds need to be compiled against the multi-architectures When built via qubes-builder with the Architecture set to any the file that is created looks like this: qubes-whonix_9.7-1_amd64.deb as it was built within an amd64 environment.

In our case there would not be much of an issue since there is no hardware dependent scripts contained within qubes-whonix so all would be most correct in this scenario I would agree.

Looks like this issue can be removed as a blocker now?

Patrick claimed this task.

If you merged then there would have been no need for but nevermind.

Can be considered resolved, as always, feel free to reopen.