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Add missing docstrings to Python classes and methods
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Add missing docstrings to Python classes and methods


Old Description:

Excess commenting in WhonixMessageBox Class...


class WhonixMessageBox(QtGui.QMessageBox):
    def __init__(self, message):

should likely be:

class WhonixMessageBox(QtGui.QMessageBox):
    def __init__(self, message):


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IMO, The way is currently is listed is more correct that more properly reflect python syntax although it is still not correct in a PEP8 standard sense since the comment doc string is empty, although this does reflect my personal coding style.

Every class and method should have a doc string if wanting to comply with PEP257 conventions.

One deviation to those standards in my coding style is that:

  1. I usually provide an empty docstring when creating a method as a placeholder since it improves readability
  2. I use single quotes instead of double quotes as many are projects are starting to use.

Therefore the expected change here should be to add a docstring. Maybe you can create that whonix-next tag and add this item to that tag?

Agreed. Will update this ticket now.

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