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Add qubes-whonix 9.6.2-1 to Whonix APT Repository
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Once audited (T181) and signed off for release, @Patrick shall make and add the qubes-whonix package to the Whonix APT repository (currently hosted on, so that from this 9.6-1 version onward the Qubes + Whonix template can be largely updated by users via "apt-get".

Updated package version number to 9.6.2-1.

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Uploaded qubes-whonix_9.6.2-1_all.deb to developers and testers repository.

Can migrate to stable repository on request.

Note, "apt-get dist-upgrade" from developers or testers repository would upgrade to Whonix 10ish packages. We have no "stable-fixes-testers" repository yet.

By the way, for the future, I suggest testing to manually install qubes-whonix_9.6.2-1_all.deb in existing qubes-whonix VMs to check if the upgrade runs smoothly causes dpkg errors. It's not a 100% simulation (you'd need a local apt repository for an almost 100% simulation), but would catch most issues. Not sure, if you already did that? That way would be much more efficient than remotely debugging through the Whonix apt repository.

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Mirrored ticket to forum:

Just waiting for @nrgaway for readiness to request migration of the "qubes-whonix" deb package to "stable" apt repo.

Looks like the "qubes-whonix" 9.6.2-1 deb package has been migrated to the "stable" apt repo.

Will mark as resolved.

It was not. Not by me. And no one else can do that currently.

No one followed up on this one, so I didn't do anything. Was wondering about this one, though.

oops, thought it was.

Haven't heard from @nrgaway.

The new templates have been compiled and released by ITL which seems to install "qubes-whonix" at the build stage.

qubes-whonix 9.6.2-1 gets built and installed via the source code it seems.

Even if it won't affect current templates, maybe others will build/install/update in a different way and want to use it from the stable repo.

Seems like it can be migrated now.