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rather than modify /etc/sdwdate.d/31_anon_dist_stream_isolation_plugin ship /etc/sdwdate.d/35_qubes_stream_isolation_plugin
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Similar to T163...

This is unnecessary:

interest-noawait /etc/sdwdate.d/31_anon_dist_stream_isolation_plugin

Instead of modifying 31_anon_dist_stream_isolation_plugin, shipping a file:


or so could be a better way.

The only required content, for Whonix 9:


(Replace IP with Qubes one.)

For Whonix 10:


(Replace IP with Qubes one.)

(Adding both PROXY and PROXY_IP at the same time wouldn't do any bad to make it work with Whonix 9 and Whonix 10 at the same time.)