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remove /etc/hosts from qubes-whonix package
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Why ship ?

I think those are likely to conflict with anon-base-files (, with

Can you remove those from qubes-whonix package or are they required for something? I think at the moment those files are not in use anyhow. Due to anon-base-files use of config-package-dev and .anondist extension, those will take precedence.

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Currently the qubes-whonix package is the last packages to be installed when creating the Whonix templates.

The process of creating a Whonix template goes something like this:

  • Create initial Debian image (debootstrap)
  • Configure locale, keyboard
  • Prepare image for Whonix (install / configure required depends)
  • Install Whonix using Whonix build scripts in chroot ENV
  • Install additional software as expected for qubes-templates (some gnome stuff, etc)
  • Install systemd; any other repo definitions
  • Install all required Qubes packages
  • Install python-guimessages, whonix-setup-wizard then last qubes-whonix

The /etc/hosts is then required to remove default Qubes hosts and therefore is required or Whonix will report an error message that hosts is not setup correctly.

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So one of Qubes' packages recreates it?

I advice to fix this in a later version of Qubes upstream and in the qubes-whonix version.