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missing features in make-helper.bsh for qubes-whonix package?
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Besides T167, are there any missing features in make-helper.bsh for the qubes-whonix package? @nrgaway?

While I am at implementing T167, and before I update the generic makefile in the packages, I could add a few more changes if required.

By the way, you can now drop snippets into a to-be-created-if-needed ./make-helper-overrides.d/ folder. When they are executable, they will be sourced in lexical order. Alternatively use ./make-helper-overrides.bsh. Useful to overwrite functions by make-helper.bsh.

Also added generic _hook_pre and _hook_post mechanism. Before calling any make helper function, function function-name_hook_pre would be called and function-name_hook_post after running the the make helper function.

For example. Let's take function make_deb-pkg. You could define a make_deb-pkg_hook_pre or make_deb-pkg_hook_post using overrides.

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Sounds interesting.

Currently I do not use any of the Whonix makefiles when building qubes-whonix, whonix-setup-wizard or python-guimessages as they are built by qubes-builder before Whonix is installed.

Once those 3 packages are part of the Whonix repo, they can be build along with the other packages Whonix builds and then at that point I can test if anything else would be required.

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Those are now all inside Whonix's source code folder and build along with the other packages. Soon in the repo. (T182) The makefile is able to build those.

If the makefile lacks any features, please open feature requests.