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implement deb-pkg-build-dep and deb-pkg-update-build-dep
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implemented make deb-build-dep. Install build dependencies listed in debian/control under Build-Depends using apt-get. Various environment variables supported.:

I didn't implement running apt-get update beforehand, because securely running apt-get update in scripts is very difficult due to unreliability of exit codes. (See: It would be best if running apt-get update was left to the user or the build script that builds the package (such as Whonix's or Qubes's build script).

(Whonix's build script checks for apt-get update gpg failures in help-steps/pre, function aptgetgpgvcreatetmp and function aptgetgpgvparsetmp. apt-get update network failures: T169)

Another limitation is, that it does not check the version numbers of the build dependencies. Installs those from the repository, that you apt-get updated beforehand. Isn't able to resolve or fetch packages if download from newer (such as testing) repository is required. That would require more implementation effort. I think that is also the reason, why I didn't implement make deb-build-dep any earlier.