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whonix-setup-wizard release 0.5-1
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In T155#1895, @nrgaway wrote:

Patrick, Can you create a branch/tag and sign it for whonix-setup-wizard / pythton-guimessages so I can include it in the Qubes Whonix 9.6 release that I hope to have completed today or tomorrow?

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Not sure it's a good idea to sneak in new packages into 9.6 or maintenance releases in general. It creates more diversity that could lead to dpkg dependency issues when the real upgrade to the next major version comes. That's perhaps a separate discussion.

Anyhow. Since it's just a very few packages and signing is mostly scripted... And since you maintain it...

Done with python-guimessages 0.3-1 and whonix-setup-wizard 0.5-1.