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research seccomp for better python script security
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Find out if seccomp (and/or would be useful to increase security.

A good good candidate for testing and confinement, because relatively simple to play with, would be url_to_unixtime (T102). Later also control-port-filter-python.

See also:


  • research PyPy for better python script security: T129 [if we start using pypy, we might not need T128]


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[Whonix-devel] hardening python scripts with

Patrick set Impact to Needs Triage.Apr 25 2015, 9:27 PM
Patrick added a subscriber: nrgaway. would have needed a lot of effort to extend to be able to meet cpfp's syscall requirements while making sure its still secure. prctl's interface is far from pythonic to deal with. Not a solution that scales.

systemd.exec integrates and exposes Linux's security features in an easy to use manner. It was chosen instead.,1313

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